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We are all so excited for Game of Thrones to return…so you know LauRen was bound to feature something about it! 

Are you a hardcore Game Of Thrones fan? Here’s 5 awesome GOT merch that LauRen likes:

  1. “The North Remembers” Sweatshirt- This sweatshirt is complete with blood splatter, and only priced at $28.
  2. Iron Throne Pop Up Card- This card will wow everyone you show it to with a replica of the Iron Throne… minus the chance of bloodshed! $15
  3. “A Feast Of Ice And Fire”- Official Companion Cookbook- You can feast on Medieval Custard Bastard from The Wall just like the Lord Commander, $24.
  4. Personalized “House” Doormat- This is a customizable doormat to let your guests know just who’s house they’re walking into. $25
  5. “Game Of Thrones” Monopoly- For $30, you can scheme your way to riches just like Littlefinger would!


Source: Buzzfeed

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