Do you seem to never be able to get enough sleep at night? Find yourself feeling sleepy and drowsy at work? Try some tips on keeping those eyes open!

Sometimes there are things that stop you from being able to fall asleep at night. Whether its kids, your favorite show, the weather, or just not being able to fall asleep fast enough, don’t let that ruin your work during the day. Check out these helpful tips to keep you up and alert to get your work done.

  • Listen to Music: Sometimes listening to music can help you focus on the lyrics or the beat of the song, rather than dozing off in the middle of the day.
  • Drink Some H2O: Grab a bottle of water, not only is it healthy to drink water throughout the day sugary drinks cause you more drowsiness while water helps keep you up.

Photo by: Randi Moultrie

  • Stand Up: Don’t get lazy and slouch in that chair, move around the office or stand up at your desk as much as possible. The movement will keep you from slouching into a nap in that chair.
  • Eat a Snack: Come on, that’s easy! Bring some snacks to work or have a little snack drawer ready for when you need something to chew on and give you some energy before your lunch break.

Photo by: Randi Moultrie

Take these tricks and apply them to your work routine until you are able to figure out that sleep schedule of yours. Remember, you still want to be able to allow your body to rest so if you are constantly sleepy during the day you might want to rethink that bedtime. Don’t let your coworkers catch you slipping!

Randi Moultrie – Digital Content Intern 

Beasley Media Group – Charlotte, NC 

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