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Just in case you might be doing it wrong…

Showers can be our stress relievers, our getaway, or our relax time but according to dermatologists, you shouldn’t be showering too often. The number of times you shower should really depend on your activity level,  so if you aren’t super active, then maybe you should only shower a few times a week. You should always keep your showers short, too! Not only to save water but because the dermatologist said so. Just kidding, water exposure can lead to dry skin and dry hair.

Stay cool. Ladies, I know we love our showers hotter than the devil’s tears, but it’s really not good for you! It strips away natural oils and damages your skin, so try to stick to a lukewarm shower. Also, don’t wash your hair too much, and if you need to, shave last. Washing your hair too much you wash your hair depends on your hair type. Basically, if it’s a little greasy, try dry shampoo before you wash it! But don’t wash your hair too little. The dermatologist says people are overdoing the whole “no wash for weeks” because they want healthy hair, but really it causes dandruff and scalp buildup if you wash it too little. Gross.

Focus on your dirtiest areas, such as underarms, feet and groin area. Your arms and legs don’t necessarily need soap. Cleanse with care! Products labeled as “cleanser” are better than the traditional soaps you’ve been using because the traditional soaps can strip oil from your skin.

Start from the top, and work your way down! This way the soap works it’s way down. Remember when I mentioned shaving last? You want the hair to soften before shaving, that way while your conditioner is setting, your leg hairs are saying their goodbyes.

Last but certainly not least, pat yourself dry and  MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE!!! When that hot water and those traditional soaps takes all the good away from your skin, patting dry isn’t as rough on your skin like vigorous rubbing is. A good moisturizer locks the water in your skin to keep you looking hydrated and glowing!


Source: NBC News

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