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Yes. This is a thing.

If you are unaware of what a sugar baby is…we’ll let you look up the definition and find out for yourself. Or you can just click here and get the Urban Dictionary version. Either will get the job done.

College is getting expensive. It’s definitely not getting cheaper as the years go on so that may be way we are starting to see way more sugar babies these days. There’s a website known as Seeking Arrangements and it’s a match making service for sugar babies and their sugar daddies. The website makes you register with a school email, which is how they were able to calculate which colleges have the most sugar babies on campus.

  1. Georgia State University
  2. University of Central Florida
  3. University of Alabama
  4. Florida State University
  5. University of Florida
  6. Rutgers University
  7. California State University, Fullerton
  8. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  9. University of North Texas
  10. University of Missouri
  11. West Virginia University
  12. University of Cincinnati
  13. University of Southern California
  14. San Francisco State University
  15. University of California, Los Angeles
  16. Columbia University
  17. New York University
  18. University of North Carolina
  19. University of Texas, San Antonio
  20. Colorado State University


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Source: NYPost

Photo: Getty Images