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  1. Roy selected his bracket yesterday on who he thinks will be playing in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. What is the nickname given to the tourney? March Madness


  1. What singer of songs like “Stay With Me” & “Too Good At Goodbyes” admitted in a recent interview to undergoing liposuction at the age of 12? Sam Smith


  1. Miley Cyrus broke down paying tribute to Janice Freeman yesterday. Miley was Janice’s coach on what NBC singing competition show? The Voice


  1. Katy Perry recently got engaged but slipped up and called her fiancé her boyfriend on social media. Who did she recently get engaged to? Orlando Bloom


  1. Ariana Grande posted a photo of her new tat on Instagram, which went around her tattoo she got for her ex-fiance. She insists she’s not covering it up though, just “evolving” – who is her ex-fiancé? Pete Davidson