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This sleep company sent a letter to Apple to get rid of the snooze button!

There’s a sleep wellness company that sent a letter to Apple’s London headquarters to get rid of the snooze function on phones. Eve Sleep Company says it’s ruining the benefits of a good nights sleep and can be detrimental to your mental health.

While it may put you in a bad mood, it’s no secret that everyone hits that snooze button. Maybe more than a few times. “We recognize the startling effect the snooze button is having on millions of Brits every morning and …we want Apple to join us in urging the nation to refuse to snooze,” James Sturrock, Eve Sleep’s chief executive wrote in a statement.

Not everyone sees the snooze button as a bad thing! “Essentially, it’s not bad for your health to have a snooze, but it doesn’t give you the maximum benefit of sleep,” Neil Stanley, who is a sleep expert, told “The Sun”.


It may just put you in a bad mood, but it definitely won’t kill you. Please don’t take away my snooze!

Source: New York Post


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