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Here are some red flags to signal you may be being taken advantage of in the relationship. 


We’ve all fallen victim to being taken advantage of in a relationship, hopefully not more than once or twice though. These are some sure signs that bae is taking advantage of you:


  • If you’re not cool with something, tell them! Don’t sweep it under the rug, even if it’s as simple as defining the relationship.
  • It’s nice to be there for your partner, but try not to be there for every little thing- even if that means picking up dinner on the way home.
  • Doing chores for your partner. They should be cleaning up after themselves, especially if you live together. They shouldn’t rely on you to clean up after them.
  • Going out of your way to make plans work. I get it– you want to spend time with them, but if that means you need to cancel something important, then it can become an issue. They should be making an effort to work around your schedule too.
  • Covering the bill 9 out of 10 times when you go out for a meal, drinks, or anything really. They should be putting forth the same amount of effort as you, which includes paying on dates.
  • Lastly, letting them get away with not paying you back. In a relationship, you want to do everything as a team and be as ‘one’, but if you aren’t married and don’t have joint bank accounts, they still should be paying you back when they borrow money.


In a relationship, we typically don’t like confrontation because it sometimes comes across as wanting to argue. There is never anything wrong with putting your foot down in a relationship!


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