Can't Beat LauRen Answers | 3-15

Even playing against LauRen live can't throw her off! LauRen is ending the week with 65 wins.

  1. In honor of their new single “Sucker” going #1, which Jonas brother purchased a Maybach for his wife, Priyanka Chopra? Nick Jonas


  1. Happy Birthday to Steph Curry who turned 31 yesterday. What professional sport does he play? Basketball


  1. According to close friends of the couple, Joe Alwyn may soon be proposing to his pop star girlfriend. Who is Alwyn’s girlfriend? Taylor Swift


  1. We officially can get to know all of the men of the new Bachelorette season – what network will we watch the new Bachelorette season on? ABC


  1. Both Hallmark and Fuller House have cut ties with Lori Loughlin in the wake of the college admission scandal. What streaming service can we watch Fuller House on? Netflix