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  1. Sources say that Meghan Markle is hoping that having a baby will help her reconnect and reconcile with her family. Who is Meghan Markle having a baby with? Prince Harry


  1. Stormi Webster almost had a different name. This Jenner mom revealed that she almost named her and Travis Scott’s baby girl Rose instead. Who is the mom? Kylie Jenner


  1. Lady Gaga is pregnant…with her new album! Who was her co-star in “A Star Is Born?” Bradley Cooper


  1. Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas may be exes but their latest interaction with Nick’s wife Priyanka has us saying ex-goals! Maybe a double date will be in the future for the two married couples? Who is Miley married to? Liam Hemsworth


  1. Alicia Keys is releasing a memoir through this former daytime talk show’s book club. Who is the former daytime talk show? Oprah Winfrey