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Ending the week with 59 wins? That’s insane! But that’s our LauRen!

  1. Chris Pratt recently got engaged & says that his fiancée Katherine Schwarzenegger is the one planning their entire wedding. What state was her father once the Governor of? California


  1. The Jonas Brothers’ Carpool Karaoke premiered last night and & we learned a lot about the brothers. Which late night host hosts Carpool Karaoke? James Corden


  1. Louis Tomlinson released his new single which is dedicated to his mother who passed away in 2016 from leukemia. What boy band was he once part of with Harry Styles & Zayn? One Direction


  1. Shawn Mendes liked a picture of former flame Hailey Baldwin & fans tried to create drama between them & her husband but he chimed in and commented “They’re friends, relax.” Who is Hailey’s husband? Justin Bieber


  1. Game of Thrones is already stirring up controversy because of their “Bleed For The Throne” campaign that calls on fans to donate blood for chances to win big prizes. There’s a character on that show named Jon…? Snow