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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Oh no!

Another store is closing…

It was announced today that Charlotte Russe has filed for liquidation and will close all its stores. The court document said liquidation sales at the stores would begin on Thursday and run through April 30.

The website for the clothing stores is officially over too and if you click on it, it says,

“Our online store has closed” 


There are 10 Charlotte Russe stores around Charlotte.


There have been lots of brick and mortor chains closing in recent years because they can’t compete with the growing online retailers, but this one makes me sad.

Charlotte Russe was one of the main stores I shopped at when I was younger. And it always seemed to have great last-minute shopping finds when I needed it…

For example, when I was in college, I was on Homecoming Court. When I went to shop for a dress, I went to about 5 expensive stores, trying on all types of dresses, and no luck! As a last stop, I went into Charlotte Russe and sure enough, they had the perfect dress (and it was MUCH cheaper than anything else I had found). This continued to happen two or three times for me throughout the years.

Here was the dress from Homecoming.