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58….let us repeat, LauRen now has 58 wins!

  1. Alex Trebek revealed his diagnoses with stage 4 pancreatic cancer but says he plans to keep working as he battles the disease. What show does he work as the host for? Jeopardy


  1. Liam Payne & Piers Morgan went back and forth on Twitter over this Jenner who just got named the youngest self-made billionaire by “Forbes” magazine. Who are we talking about? Kylie Jenner


  1. Prince Harry made a speech yesterday at a charity event for youth empowerment and his pregnant wife made a surprise appearance. Who is that? Meghan Markle


  1. Taylor Swift is turning 30 this year and reflected on 30 things she has learned by 30 for “Elle” magazine. True or false: She used to date Calvin Harris. True


  1. The auditions continued on “American Idol” and there were a lot of tear-jerking moments. American Idol can be watched on what network now? ABC