Can't Beat LauRen Answers | 3-4

What a way to start the week! 54 wins!

  1. Jordyn Woods had quite the weekend after going on the Red Table Talk podcast which is hosted by Will Smith’s wife – who is that? Jada Pinkett Smith


  1. Happy Birthday to Camilla Cabello who turned 22 over the weekend! She’s a solo artist now but started off in what girl band? 5th Harmony


  1. The Rock is sharing his wealth with his loved ones. He bought his mom a home for Christmas and did the same thing for his dad over the weekend. What is The Rock’s real name? Dwayne Johnson


  1. American Idol returned to TVs last night for it’s 17th Who has been the host for all 17 seasons? Ryan Seacrest


  1. Jessica Simpson revealed on social media that she just returned home after a week in the hospital for bronchitis. She is now married & pregnant with husband Eric Johnson but used to be married to Nick Lachey who was part of what 90s boy band? 98 Degrees