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Oh, how the tables have turned!

We just aren’t sure if there are any more ways possible for us to be suckers for this song AND music video.

LauRen mentioned in her “Dirty On The 30” segment that The Jonas Brothers were rumored to be reuniting in the near future and it looks like her news delivered! The brothers joined James Corden for an episode of Carpool Karaoke when they finally admitted that this reunion had been in the works for the last seven months!


In the end, we also got a snippet of their new song that just released at midnight going into the new month of March. March is starting to look pretty good already!

After listening to the song you’re probably thinking, how could this get any better? Well…we will tell you. It gets better because for the “Sucker” music video each Jonas brothers includes their significant other.

We’ve got the love bug and it’s definitely burning up.