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Leave it to MRL to turn this into a hilarious game!

Maney found an article from Glamour where stylists came together to come up with a list of the pieces no woman should live without. Here’s what they had to say:

  • The White Shirt
  • The Camel Sweater
  • The Black Hoodie
  • The High-Wasted Jeans
  • The Moto Jacket
  • The Vintage Jeans
  • The Black Dress
  • The Shoulder Bag
  • The Statement Belt
  • The Sunglasses
  • The Nude Pump
  • The Wear-Everywhere Boot


Maney turned this into a game with LauRen, Producer Nicole & Roy. He saw who had what. Check it out on our MRL Replay Podcast! Available on Apple Podcasts or the KISS 95.1 app!