Can't Beat LauRen Answers | 2-27

Roy is out sick again today, so Maney had to take on Can't Beat LauRen all by himself. LauRen still came out on top against our first-timer Luke who played this morning! That makes 52 wins.

  1. Kylie Jenner admits she’s having a hard time letting go of her bestie who reportedly cheated with her sisters’ baby daddy. Who is Kylie’s best friend? Jordyn Woods


  1. Ashton Kutcher’s wife reveals that he told their daughter that “anyone can be on a Cheerio box!” Who is his wife? Mila Kunis


  1. Iconic Pop-Star & relative to Michael Jackson just announced a Vegas residency. Who is that? Janet Jackson


  1. What DJ / Producer / Snapchat star just got announced as this year’s host of the Nickelodeon awards? DJ Khaled


  1. Taylor Swift, according to her fans theories, is going to be releasing new music soon. Who is her best friend, who is also Justin Bieber’s ex? Selena Gomez