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This isn’t much of a surprise…

Who doesn’t like getting a glimpse of the richest and best homes in America? just released a new list of the most expensive neighborhoods in each state.  To track down each state’s priciest place, data teams calculated the median listing price for every ZIP code in the U.S. in 2018. ZIP codes with fewer than an average of 30 listings per month were eliminated, to make sure the results weren’t skewed by a few big-ticket listings.

So what where are the most expensive places in the Carolina’s are…

For North Carolina:

Charlotte, NC tops the list with the 28207 zip code being the highest. The median home list price: $1,260,133. 

For South Carolina:

Sullivan’s Island, SC is the most expensive in the ZIP code, 29482.  The median home list price: $2,281,404

These homes are WAY out of most people’s price ranges but it is fun to look! For the complete list, CLICK HERE