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  1. Maney just shared a story of how he helped Cam Newton get through security during All-Star Weekend. What position does he play for our Carolina Panthers? QB


  1. It is over once again for Khloe Kardashian and Tristian Thompson amid rumors that he cheated with Kylie’s best friend. What is Khloe and Tristian’s’ baby’s name? True


  1. Meghan Markle was spotted having dinner in New York City with Serena Williams. What sport does Serena Williams play? Tennis


  1. Lady Gaga and her fiancé just split and fans of A Star Is Born are now on watch for her male movie companion to become single – who did she co-star in that movie with? Bradley Cooper


  1. Miley Cyrus is poking fun with Shawn Mendes after his Calvin Klein campaign by posting side by sides of the two of them in Calvin’s. What was Miley’s alter ego on Disney Channel? Hannah Montana