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Even though LauRen had a 3 day weekend, she still was able to get all questions correct resulting in 47 wins!

  1. The Mint Museum had a pop-up sneaker show featuring Michael Jordan’s famous shoe line. What’s that called? Air Jordans


  1. Migos, which features rapper Offset, had a popup show at the Epicenter over the weekend which Maney & Producer Nicole were invited to. What female rapper is Offset involved with? Cardi B


  1. Say it ain’t so! Sources say that The Jonas Brothers are ready for a reunion. Which one of the Jonas Brothers sings in the band DNCE? Joe Jonas


  1. Welcome home Meghan Markle! The Duchess of Sussex is in her third trimester and made a surprise visit to NY over the weekend for her baby shower that will take place this week with close friends. Who is Meghan Markle having a kid with? Prince Harry


  1. This Jenner/Kardashian sisters is the only one without kids & was spotted all over Uptown Charlotte over the weekend? Kendall Jenner