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Started the week with a win, ended the week with a win! That brings her up to 46 wins.

  1. The first trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to what smash-hit Disney movie was released this week? Frozen


  1. Lady Gaga is finding herself in headlines this week. From performing at the Grammys to sticking up for Cardi B, to breakup rumors and now getting A Star Is Born inspired tattoo. Who was her co-star in A Star Is Born? Bradley Cooper


  1. Katy Perry is engaged now to her longtime boyfriend! Orlando Bloom


  1. The NBA All-Star Game is this weekend. Snoop Dog is among one of many celebrities who will be here this weekend. He has a unique relationship with what “homemaker”? Martha Stewart


  1. Avril Lavigne has had a dramatic last few years but is finally back and making music! She put out a song earlier this week with Nicki Minaj. Finish the lyric: “He was a skater boy… I Said…” See You later Boy