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The shocking winner that many people are unhappy with…

The Los Angeles Times just released a thorough chart classifying fry favorites from the nation’s biggest chain fast food restaurants.

The fries were judged based off their taste and texture.

Although many people are STRONGLY disagreeing with the ranking. INCLUDING, The Los Angeles Times own intern who posted the ranking on Twitter.

If you’ll notice, huge favorites like Chick fil’ A and In-N-Out are all the way at the BOTTOM of the list… and at the top… 5 Guys? Really?


These were the top 5 Fries based off this ranking:

  1. Five Guys: These guys are fried in peanut oil, which allows the potato’s true flavor to shine.
  2. McDonald’s: A very close call, but Peterson lamented that McDonald’s fries lose their texture too quickly.
  3. Del Taco: Peterson loved the taco chain’s crinkle fries, which are crispy on the outside with a “nice, fluffy center.”
  4. Steak ‘n Shake: These long and skinny fries were celebrated for their crunch factor.
  5. Arby’s: Not many chains have curly fries, so Arby’s may have had an advantage here, but the chain’s seasoning blend was favorably noted.

The only one on this list that I agree with is McDonalds…. What about you?


Btw, here are some of the best Twitter reactions: