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Let’s let 2019 be the year where we live our best lives and take the best care of ourselves.

  1. Put on a mask while the water warms up – Roy was “today years old” when he found out that you could just wait for the shower to heat up instead of just jumping on in and dealing with cold water. But if you’re like Roy – slather your face in a detoxing mask before you turn on the shower! It can give you a much deeper clean than your average face wash.
  2. Ditch the 2-in-1 and use a co-wash – Most of these types of products go heavy on the washing and lighter on the conditioning so your hair may feel clean but it will be dry. Instead – use a co-wash! It flips the above ration.
  3. Use the steam to shave – A senior barber at a barbershop in New York City says that shaving in the shower will be the best shave you get outside of the barber shop.
  4. When you use a body wash, use a loofah – Don’t be like Maney & Roy – don’t use your hands…get a loofah! Be more like LauRen 🙂
  5. Brush your teeth – You’re either really against this or really for it. proponents say it is time efficient and it saves water. Opponents will say a moist environment leads to more bacteria growth. Fear not! The American Dental Association is completely fine with you brushing your teeth in the shower.
  6. Polish your feet – We could all do a better job at this!
  7. Use an in-shower lotion – It’s specifically formulated to be used on wet skin and lock in more moisture. You can use this as the last step in your Optimized Shower Routine right before you turn the water off.


You can thank us later for all of this!


You’re welcome 🙂