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Some stars had a lot to say last night at the Grammy’s.. but was it too much?

A lot of people took to Twitter to say some choice words about the Grammy’s cutting off acceptance speeches last night.

Dua Lipa was one to get cut off. She threw some shade at the president of the Recording Academy, but then started to go on saying  “No matter where you’re from, or your background, or what you believe in, never let that get in the way of you and your dreams because you deserve it.”.


Drake was also one to get the snip. Video of Drake giving his speech shows him taking a break from the mic then coming back to talk, only to find that his mic was cut off.


Fans weren’t impressed by The Grammy’s cutting off speeches left and right, but these two stars were the main ones to fall victim to it. Grammy’s excuse for cutting speeches short was “they were running low on time.”

Luckily, these stars have other ways of getting their thanks out, whether their speech was cut short or not. Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen again!



-Intern Sydney | The MRL Morning Show