That new Rock movie Hobbs & Shaw looks worst than Adam Sandlers last 13 movies.

First of all I like the Rock but those Fast and Furious movies are horrible. I’ve seen 34 mins of the last one. That’s all I could stomach. Now the spin off movie Hobbs & Shaw looks like a fake Marvel movie. Idris Elba turns into a superhuman…C’mon Maaaan!

Tom and Jerry were awesome, Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, Shaq and Penny, Startsky and Hutch,┬áLaverne and Shirley…and the most famous duo BJ & The Bear…These were amazing duos.

Hobbs & Shaw is taking the Rock on the “Samuel L. Jackson” I’ll take any movie roll side of things. Hey Rock…stay away from over yonder…Before you know it…The Rock will be starring in SNAKES ON A PLANE 2.