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Starting the week with a win brings LauRen up to 42 straight wins!

  1. Miley Cyrus is no longer Miley Cyrus as she took her now husband’s last name. What is her new last name thanks to her husband Liam? Hemsworth


  1. Cardi B took home a Grammy last night for best rap album and said it wouldn’t have been possible without her daughter. What’s her daughter’s name? Kulture


  1. Camilla Cabello performed her hit “Havana” last night. What girl band is she formerly apart of? Fifth Harmony


  1. Last night Drake won a Grammy for his song God’s Plan. What TV show did he use to be a star on? Degrassi


  1. Travis Scott didn’t take home any Grammy’s last night but had his baby mama/girlfriend there to support him as he was a performer. Who is his girl? Kylie Jenner