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Ending the week with 41 wins!

  1. This popstar just dropped her second album in 6 months and titled it “thank u, next.” Which pop star are we talking about? Ariana Grande


  1. Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, are on the cover of Vogue magazine and opened up about all things marriage. Who is Hailey’s famous uncle who is sometimes on SNL? Alec Baldwin


  1. Beyonce’s husband is helping 21 Savage after his arrest for overstaying a visa this week by providing legal assistance. Who is helping him? Jay-Z


  1. What artist, nominated for her hit song Shallow, has been announced as a performer at the 2019 Grammy Awards? Lady Gaga


  1. The owner of Amazon says the National Enquirer publish is trying to blackmail him. Who is he? Jeff Bezos