Welcome to my corner! My name is Randi Moultrie and I am the 2019 Spring Digital Content Intern at Beasley Media Group. I am excited to keep you updated on all my cool adventures throughout this semester. 

This week I got to shadow some amazing on-air talent starting with Cameron from Kiss 95.1 Cameron hosts a great Top 40 segment weekdays from 10am-4pm. From following her on Instagram to listening to her on-air each day, sitting with Cameron was a time to enjoy the high-spirited person that she truly is.

Cameron explained to me some of the things she has to do to prepare for her on-air time and with my interest in radio, I listened closely. We talked about preparing the Top 40 and gathering the list of songs in advance, figuring out what is going on in the industry to figure out blog post ideas and being able to pace yourself when doing intros and talk segments. We even discussed social media as she tries to be active on the page and talked about some of the different things she enjoys posting.

Cameron typically tries to write as many blog posts as she can throughout the day and takes time to research what people are talking about or what may be going on locally in the Charlotte area. We ended up talking about All-Star Weekend 2019 and how much is going to be going on in the Charlotte area. From parties to concerts and even the game we realized that there was soon going to be a lot to discuss in her blog.

As I continued learning more about what Cameron does, we found ourselves talking about growing up as I just celebrated a birthday and hers is slowly approaching. She made me realize how important it is to really find out what it is you enjoy doing, but still being able to have fun in life while you can.

Shadowing Cameron taught me not only a lot about radio but also made me more excited about my own future. Seeing her on-air made me realize how much I had already known and how much more there is left for me to want to learn. I hope to be able to return to the Kiss 95.1 studio to hang with Cameron again before my time here is up.

Randi Moultrie – Winthrop University 

Digital Content Intern – Charlotte, NC

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