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Adam Levine is the latest meme to take over the internet.

If you’re the artist performing at the Superbowl halftime show, there is definitely one thing you can expect; you’re going to become a meme. Adam Levine is learning that today.

Maroon 5 preformed at the halftime show of the (very boring) Superbowl last night and people were quick to point out an unexpected part of the performance that caught their eye. The shirt that he was wearing looked like lots of people’s home decor. Many people starting posting their photos to Twitter with the resemblance.



Adam Levine took the very talked-about shirt off during his performance, but the memes only continued from there, with people posting about how his tattoos looked similar to a Chipotle bag.



To be fair, it was probably the most boring Superbowl I’ve ever watched so people were searching for things to entertain themselves. Thank goodness for the internet!