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She started the week with a win and is now ending the week with 36 wins!

  1. Fuller House got renewed for its 5th and final season on Netflix. This show is a spinoff of the original show called what? Full House


  1. Cardi B is reportedly “Working things out” with former rap husband. Who is Cardi B’s Ex? Offset


  1. Jennifer Hudson is set to perform at the 2019 Oscars, 12 years after her “Dreamgirls Win”. She’s a judge on what talent show? The Voice


  1. What former “PUNK’D” host posted his personal phone number on his Twitter this week because he “misses real connection”? Ashton Kutcher


  1. Ellen shared a photo of her and her Wife for her 46th Birthday yesterday. Who is Ellen’s Wife? Portia De Rossi