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My favorite part of Super Bowl parties? The FOOD!

Sunday is the big game, and nothing says a super bowl party like  FOOD! Whether you are hosting at your own house, or headed to a friends, if you’re not sure what yummy snacks to bring for the game, this new list from Thrillist  might help.

Here are the most popular tailgating foods by state:

Alabama — Mississippi Roast
Alaska — Potato Salad
Arizona — Chili
Arkansas — Queso Cheese Dip
California — Chicken Wings
Colorado — Taco Pie
Connecticut — Slow Cooker Chicken Wings
Delaware — Butter Cake Bars
Florida — Sausage Cheese Balls
Georgia — Sliders
Hawaii — Crescent Sloppy Joes
Idaho — Little Smokies
Illinois — Chex Mix
Indiana — Root Beer Chicken
Iowa — Pigs In A Blanket
Kansas — Dill Pickle Soup
Kentucky — Buffalo Chicken Casserole
Lousiana — Crab au Gratin
Maine — Clam Dip
Maryland — Pizza Sticks
Massachusetts — Buffalo Chicken Dip
Michigan — Potato Soup
Minnesota — Tater Tot Casserole/Hot Dish
Mississippi — Beef Stew
Missouri — Hamburgers
Montana — Buffalo Chicken Dip
Nebraska — Hot Wings
Nevada — Sausage Cheese Balls
New Hampshire — Chili
New Jersey — Chili
New Mexico — Seven Layer Taco Dip
New York — Buffalo Chicken Wings
North Carolina — Sausage Cheese Balls
North Dakota — Bacon-Wrapped Smokies
Ohio — White Chicken Chili
Oklahoma — Stuffed Mushrooms
Oregon — Taco Soup
Pennsylvania — Potato Soup
Rhode Island — Chili
South Carolina — Cowboy Caviar
South Dakota — Hummus
Tennessee — Skillet Dips
Texas — Sausage Cheese Balls
Utah — Pulled Pork
Vermont — Bruschetta
Virginia — Deviled Eggs
Washington — Jalapeno Popper Dip
West Virginia — Sliders
Wisconsin — Pinwheels
Wyoming — Sliders



Do you agree with this list? What is your favorite tailgating food? Mine is 100% Buffalo Chicken Dip!