You better be a good writer!

You can buy a $1.7 million mansion for only $25 and a few words about why you and your family deserve and/or need the home.

Now that’s what I call a deal.

Alla Wagner, of Alberta, Canada, initially put her house on the market for $1.7 million, but earlier this month she decided on a rather interesting way for buyers to purchase the property: a writing contest. Anyone interested in the house, must pay a $25 entry fee and submit a one-page essay about themselves and why they should win this contest. The essay must be no longer than 350 words.

The house is 3,853 square feet and has amazing mountain views. There are three bedrooms and 3.2 baths. There’s a pond on the property, and the house sits on an acre of land. Wagner says that five percent of the net profit will be donated to a women’s shelter in Calgary. She says that she just wants a family to be as happy as she’s been in the house. If you have a way with words and are interested in the contest, you can find out more details here.

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