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Oh NO!

If you’ve been in Charlotte awhile, you’ve definitely heard people taking about Lupie’s Cafe, on Monroe Rd.

The restaurant has been open for over two decades and is well known for their burgers and chili.

My family has been going to Lupie’s my entire life…. SERIOUSLY… my enter life.



Saturday, a car smashed into the local café with customers inside. The manager believed believes the driver hit water at the bridge and hydroplaned in the middle of a dreary, rainy day.


CLICK HERE to see the pictures


The craziest part about it though is this is not the first time a car has crashed into Lupies… It’s actually the THIRD TIME! Talk about horrible luck…

The owner said that as a result of the crash, a part of the building frame will have to be redone and new glass put in. They are hoping to reopen sometime next week.