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MRL is divided from this topic!

Unscooped pet waste is annoying for anybody: dog-owner or not. More and more Charlotte apartment complexes are on board to try and fix this problem.

There’s an apartment complex in Ballantyne who sent all of their pet-owning residents a notice saying that they need to stop by the office so they can swab their dog’s cheek in order to get the dog’s DNA.

Why? You might ask…

They were having a problem with people not picking up after their dog and then after a lot of thinking decided there had to be something they could do.

The solution?

Each time there is unscooped pet waste, they will collect it and send to a lab to get the DNA from the waste and match it with whichever dog they have on file for that DNA.

The repercussion? A $250 fine!

MRL is completely split by this- Maney, LauRen & Producer Nicole think it’s a good idea – but Roy is putting his foot down saying there’s absolutely no way any apartment complex would get his dog’s DNA. Our listeners seem pretty split too!


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Source: WSOCTV