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The pop princess has 24 wins!

  1. Paris Jackson checked herself into a mental health facility in hopes to prioritize her physical & emotional health. Who is her late father who is known as the King of Pop? Michael Jackson


  1. Alicia Keys is set to host what 61st Annual award show? The Grammy’s


  1. Mike Sorrentino turned himself into authorities for tax evasion and is serving an 8-month sentence. What nickname is he better known as on the tv show “Jersey Shore”? The Situation



  1. The Bachelor, Colton Underwood opened up about his first love Aly Raisman. True or false: Aly Raisman is an Olympic Gymnast? True



  1. AJ Mclean claims he is cutting down on “overconsuming” social media this year. What iconic boyband is he apart of? The Backstreet Boys