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Here’s what you need to know to ride!

It seems like just yesterday Charlotte was infiltrated with hundreds of E-Scooters. Whether you use Bird, LimeBike or SPIN, many people use the scooters to commute, but new rules were just approved by city council that you’ll need to know if you’re going to ride one.

On Monday, city council voted on new regulations to ensure more safety with the E-Scooters and it was approved.

Here are the new regulations you should know:

  • Speeds will now be capped at 15 miles an hour
  • Two people will be prohibited from riding on a single scooter
  • People will not be allowed to ride them on sidewalks in the core of Uptown.
  • E-scooter companies will also be required to reorganize scooters mid-afternoon, as well as deploy them to areas that support first and last mile trips.

Ride safe out there!