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Sometimes you just need to stay up with the times…and this is one of the ways!

Facebook has been around a lot longer than Instagram has, but now things that have been happening on Facebook are starting to happen on Instagram. Like dating rules. People get really serious about making the relationship Facebook official.

If you have no idea what Facebook official means, it means adding to your “About Me” that you’re in a relationship with somebody else. You can even add their names, which turns into a link to their profile. Talk about being exclusive!

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity lately and has become one of the most used apps in the smart phone business. It was only a matter of time before Instagram official became a thing. While you may think Instagram official is just adding pictures of your significant other, it’s not. Apparently that’s not exclusive enough.

Being Instagram Bio Official is when you actually put in your Instagram Bio that you are taken and add their Instagram handle next to it.


If you want to go Instagram Bio official with your boo thing, click here to get some inspiration!