Can't Beat LauRen | 1-10

We're up to 21 wins now!

  1. Kevin Hart officially said no to hosting the Oscars. True or false: The Oscars are also known as The Academy Awards. True


  1. Jamie Lee Curtis got awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. What iconic movie was she apart of with Lindsey Lohan in the early 2000's where they swapped lives. Freaky Friday


  1. Justin Bieber & his wife were supposed to have their big wedding ceremony this month but looks like they are going to push back a little while. Who is his wife? Hailey Baldwin (Hailey Bieber)


  1. Halsey’s latest hit “Without Me” just went number one on Billboard charts & that’s her first #1 as a solo artist. She wrote that song about her rapper ex boyfriend who was…? G-Eazy


  1. Cardi B has officially been a mom for six months and what a wild six months it has been. Cardi has a daughter to Offset, who is in what rap band? Migos