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Dating Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Here's some tips for dating in 2019:


We know dating can be the struggle, that's why we're going to tell you which dating habits to ditch in 2019!


  • Keeping the wrong ones around- You wouldn't want someone wasting your time, right? Don't waste their timer either! If you know they're not the one, cute them loose and leave the date.
  • Rejecting rejection- Rejection isn't the worse thing that could happen, keep your eyes open and focus on the next best thing!
  • Flirting wrong- Give yourself 5 seconds before you show you're interested. If they're into you, they won't hesitate to show interest back.
  • Going for quantity over quality- Which would you choose: A thousand bad dates, or one really good one? We all know the answer.
  • Ignoring red flags- Always keep your ears and eyes open. It's never too early to detect signs that he/she isn't the one for you!


We're all guilty of keeping someone around that we know is no good, just because we like having them around. We let some things slide that shouldn't, but no more of that in 2019! It's time to take hold of your dating life, this is YOUR year!


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