Can't Beat LauRen | 1-7

LauRen is staring the new year off with a Win! That makes 19 wins.

  1. Hailey Baldwin opened up recently about her insecurities in an Instagram post. What is the name of her famous husband? Justin Bieber
  2. Rami Malek praised Freddie Mercury at last night’s Golden Globes where he won best actor for Bohemian Rhapsody – what iconic band is that movie about? Queen
  3. What daytime talk show host called the Academy to get Kevin Hart reinstated as host of this year’s Oscars? Ellen Degeneres
  4. Ariana Grande & Childish Gambino have been announced as two of the headliners of what star-studded West Coast musical festival? Coachella
  5. A decade after it’s release, what notoriously romantic Nicholas Sparks movie with Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams is being turned into a Broadway musical? The Notebook