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New Year’s Day is a very popular day for social media, even for celebrities!

Over the last 48 hours, you’ve probably found yourself on Instagram. Whether it’s posting about how you spent the last hours of the year, or your posting to look forward to the new year. Celebrities are no different…they found themselves on social media too sharing their New Year’s messages with us.

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  • Lauren Jauregui
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Time seems to have taken its own form of being this year. I’ve lived a total of three lifetimes in it and I’m still growing and transitioning. It has been one of the most tumultuous learning experiences of my life while simultaneously being filled with so many beautiful blessings that have laid the foundation for the year I have ahead of me. I have not only processed more about Life but about my purpose and understanding of self. I learned that a lot of things I’d become accustomed to doing don’t work for me anymore. A lot of people I thought loved and cared don’t and that that’s ok because there are so many others that do that I spend all my time being grateful for. I grew closer to my divine guidance, I grew closer to my truth, and as this year closes I end it knowing that I am the sole decider of what I allow in my reality. I am my worst enemy and best friend and everything that happens to me is a result of which one I decide to be. It’s about decisions, it’s about holding sacred space for healing and not being so harsh to myself. So I go into this new year on a mission to love myself harder than I’ve ever even attempted to. Love myself so much I forget the voices that don’t believe in me and I remind them that only I am in control of my destiny. Until next year my beautiful loves. I can’t thank you enough for the amount of love you’ve shown me. For the support that you gift me. You are such a beautiful reflection of the light this world is capable of✨ I hope you have a beautiful blessed year filled with the fulfillment of every dream you set your heart to. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! Just remember to believe in you too❤️ happy 2018(: cheers to 2019!

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