Babysitter Shows Her ‘Deleted’ Texts! She still had attitude! How would you handle this?

A mom thought that for 8 hours of watching her kids that free ice cream and a “day of fun” was enough for payment. This babysitter was not having it. The babysitter contacted the mom the next day for her payment of $128. They agreed on $16 an hour. The mom claimed that was never the arrangement.

The babysitter sent her the screenshot of their conversation where it clearly states $16 an hour. The mom responds that she “deletes her text messages.” The mom says that the babysitter is “acting stuck up” and can she just give her $20? The mom refuses to pay the $128 saying that her kids are, “easy.” The babysitter responds that is not the issue.

The agreed upon an amount was $16 an hour and she has books to pay for. The mom’s last response before blocking the babysitter was, I wish I didn’t have such a stuck up c— watching my kids, I’m going to block you now. Do not contact me again.

I would be furious!

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