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New year…new bloody mary!

There’s a day for everything…but this day is important!

January 1st has been named National Bloody Mary Day!

This is important for two reasons:

  1. Bloody Marys are my favorite alcoholic drinks
  2. Bloody Marys are the best alcoholic drinks

So while tonight is New Year’s Eve and your plans probably involve some type of partying…a bloody mary on National Bloody Mary day may do the trick for you tomorrow! Plus, most places that have amazing bloody marys also have amazing brunches, so really it’s a win-win for you!

I’ve only been in Charlotte for a year and a half, but here are some of my favorite spots for Bloody Marys. And if you’re thinking: “What makes her an expert?” Well…I’ve had a few and I was a judge at this year’s Bloody Mary Festival so boo-yah. Credited-ish.

  • If you live near Lake Norman, this is an AWESOME spot with awesome food and a great bloody mary! Eddies on Lake Norman!
  • Ok so Moo & Brew may be the GOAT for Bloody Marys. Not only do they give you a whole meal with your Bloody Mary but they give you a side cart of Miller High Life. To me…that’s impressive
  • Another place that gives you a snack with your Bloody Mary is The Improper Pig. That Bloody Mary was amazing as well!

Some other places I’ve had a great Bloody Mary experience but don’t have the pictures to prove it (I know, I suck) are Queen Park Social, 5Church, Reids Fine Foods, Tyber Creek Pub, Boudreaux Louisiana Kitchen, The Dog Bar, Sea Level NC, & Cajun Queen.


If you know of another place with great Bloody Marys or if you have a picture, tag us! @theMRLshow