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Netflix is the GOAT for this parenting hack!

NYE is all about staying up until midnight to watch the clock turn to 12:00am and welcome the new year. Well, that isn’t always easy when you have kids. Netflix has made it possible to have the iconic countdown before midnight!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, counting down to the New Year is what everyone loves to do. Moms and dads may not want their little ones to stay up until midnight and Netflix gets it. That’s why they’ve brought back their family friendly collection of New Year’s countdown videos and you can watch them at any time!

Apparently they have done this before, but we are just finding out that Netflix has an annual tradition of coming out with a series of short videos starring kids’ favorite characters, so the little ones can celebrate the New Year just like mommy and daddy do! Because they are now available, they can enjoy a midnight-style countdown on New Year’s Eve and still make it to bed for bed time! This year there are five more options than last year, for a total for 14 options. Each video is only about five minutes long and you can find them all by searching for “countdowns.”

This year’s Netflix New Year’s Eve countdown videos feature:

  1. “Alexa & Katie”
  2. “All Hail King Julien”
  3. “Beat Bugs”
  4. “Boss Baby”
  5. “Fuller House”
  6. “Larva Island”
  7. “Motown Magic”
  8. “Pinky Malinky”
  9. “Prince of Peoria”
  10. “Skylanders Academy”
  11. “Spirit Riding Free”
  12. “Super Monsters”
  13. “Tales of Arcadia”
  14. “True and the Rainbow Kingdom”