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Jimmy Kimmel is officially a genius when it comes to administering challenges to parents for their children.

There’s a few ways you might know Jimmy Kimmel.

A) you may know him because of his late night talk show and all of the celebrities he has on.

B) you might have no idea who he is and could have easily thought he was Jimmy Fallon

or C) you know Jimmy Kimmel because of his “I Ate Your Candy” challenge he administers to parents the day after Halloween.


We are about to give you a fourth option, and that’s his “I Gave My Kids A Terrible Present.” He hasn’t done it in years, but it resurfaced on my YouTube page and after watching all five minutes, I deemed it worthy enough to show you guys. The gist of it is….parents tell their kids that they are allowed to open one present super early and the present is something that the parents know they won’t like / enjoy. For example, half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a half drank container of apple juice. Hilarious.


Have you ever done something like this with your kids? If so tell us about it! @theMRLshow