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What’s a better cure for homophobia than having a gay best friend?

We here on The MRL Morning Show are very inclusive of all genders, all races and all sexualities. After we read this story, we now know we are the coolest morning show here in the Carolinas.

The world seems to continue changing for the better when it comes to diversity and being all-inclusive, but there are still people in the world who are homophobic. A new study might have just found the solution to that…get yourself a gay best friend! A new study says attitudes about the LGBTQ lifestyle could change if people simply made a gay or lesbian friend.

A sociology professor at Pennsylvania State University looked at years of data from the United States General Social Surveys and found that people who had at least one openly gay or lesbian friend in 2006 showed more acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage in later years.

Specifically, in 2006 about 45% of those with a LGBTQ acquaintance supported marriage equality, with that number going up to 61% by 2010. Meanwhile, when it came to folks without a gay or lesbian acquaintance, only 22% approved of same sex marriage in 2006, with that number going down to 18% in 2010.


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Source: NBC News