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Merry Kissmas! It may be the day of our Kissmas concert but that doesn’t stop LauRen from securing her Win today!


  1. Hailee Steinfeld turned 22 this week! Hailee may be a pop-star now but she had a major role in what musical movie series before all of this? Pitch Perfect


  1. Kendall Jenner posted a love letter that she received and the Internet has reason to believe it’s from Harry Styles. What boy band did Harry Styles start in? One Direction


  1. Billboard magazine announced that Drake has the #1 song of 2018 with “God’s Plan.” –Drake starred in what teen television series before becoming a rapper? TRUE


  1. Like husband like wife! Hailey Bieber made a drastic change to her appearance and chopped off her hair! Her husband did this too last month – who is her pop-star husband? Justin Bieber


  1. Gwen Stefani opened up saying that there is no pressure for her man to propose & they are doing just fine. Who is her man? Blake Shelton