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CMS just released their new school schedule, and here it is.

With our recent snow storm, and the effects of Hurricane Florence this year, kids who attend school in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area have missed a lot of school this year. In fact, CMS students have missed either six or seven days of school so far this year.

Superintendent Clayton Wilcox announced the makeup plan at Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

It uses up all the days designated for makeup, other than the undesirable option of adding days after the June 7 date set for the end of the year.

Schools that closed on Tuesday will be open Jan. 22, while other schools take a teacher work day after the Martin Luther King holiday. All schools will hold classes on Feb. 18 and March 29, which were scheduled to be teacher work days. That means students and faculty will have no breaks between the Martin Luther King holiday in January and spring break in April, an 11-week uninterrupted stretch.

However, if we get more snow, CMS may have to start adding days after the end of the year (June 7th).