Can't Beat LauRen Answers | 12-11

She's on a roll! The pop princess got all five correct, which puts her to twelve wins!

  1. Ellen Pompeo revealed that she and Patrick Dempsey have not spoken since he departed the show they starred in for 11 seasons together. What hit drama show was that? Grey’s Anatomy


  1. Katy Perry is releasing a new song tomorrow – but you may have to be a gamer to hear it. What singing competition show is Katy a judge for? American Idol


  1. Offset has been making public pleas on social media saying how much he misses his wife and mother of his kid. What popular female rapper is he trying to win back? Cardi B


  1. Jennifer Anniston said her marriages to Justin Theroux and this actor were successful even though they ended in divorce? Brad Pitt


  1. Nikki Bella revealed that despite her split from John Cena, she is enjoying being single but hasn’t lived up to all the perks of a single life yet. What sport are Nikki & her ex-fiancé, John Cena, known for? WWE / Wrestling