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The Oscars gave Kevin Hart an ultimatum and he has made his decision.

We told you the other day during LauRen’s Dirty On The 30 segment that Kevin Hart would be taking over as host for the 91st Annual Academy Awards. He would take the place of Jimmy Kimmel, who has hosted for the past two years. They wanted Kevin Hart to host in hopes that viewership would go up after it’s hit a low over the last two years.

Yesterday, the comedian decided to forgo the pleasure after he was given an ultimatum.

The Academy wanted Kevin Hart to apologize for anti-gay tweets and comments he made during past standup routines. While he deleted some of the tweets, he refused to apologize because he claims the issue has already been addressed and he plans on leaving it in the past. After Hart refused, the Academy gave him the ultimatum of either apologizing or stepping down. He chose to step down.

He took to Twitter to comment further on the matter.


We have no idea who will take his place but as soon as we find out, we will let you know!