Levine Children's Hospital

A Former Patient Becomes Nurse to Help Others with Childhood Cancer

We all love a great feel-good story and Sarah Fruendt gave us just that. Sarah who works at Levine Cancer Institute was once a patient. Fifteen years ago, after being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Sarah was treated herself at Levine Children's Hospital.

Sarah’s care was so amazing that she was inspired to become a nurse herself. She now works at the Advanced Residency Program for new graduate nurses at Levine Cancer Institute, with a plan to work at Levine Children’s Hospital in the near future.

Sarah relapsed when she was only eight years old but has now been in remission for over 13 years! Some of the providers and nurses who helped with Sarah's treatment are still working at the hospital today and their dedication to this field is inspiring.

Courtesy of Levine Children's Hospital

Now, you can help bring the magic back to those children in need just like Sarah by donating to the Levine Children's Hospital this holiday season. Your gift will bring hope to our patients and their families, and will help each child at Levine Children's Hospital have an unforgettable holiday!


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